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What My Client's Have to Say...

"I had a Distant Reiki session with Melissa, I was able to feel it when she tuned in and each part of my body she was working on, her intuition is spot on, she provided detailed relatable notes, would recommend 10/10."

- Channi

"I highly recommend Melissa - amazing and very in tune with who I am - she discusses each treatment at the end of the session.We make a plan for each week and she has really helped with my mental health and well being. I really enjoyed my first group meditation and look forward to booking in more. Lovely, relatable and beneficial."

- Paula

"I love the balance and harmony spray purchased from Melissa.

I find the scent is strong but subtle, not overpowering.

I believe it's helped with sleep and cleansing. 

I use this spray everyday, love it. Plan to try Melissa's latest sprays."

- Wendy

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