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Wealth Bowl Crystal Kit

Wealth Bowl Crystal Kit

Start bringing in abundance and amplifying your goals with this Wealth kit.

All you need to do is write your intention on the template included or create your own, add as much money as you’d like (coins, notes or both) place it all together in your favourite container, bowl, box or vase the choice is yours.

What you’ll receive:

- 1x Clear Quartz tumbled stone (amplify the effects of all the other stones)

- 1x Carnelian tumbled stone (Joy & Abundance)

- 1x Gold Chinese Coin

- 2x Raw pieces of Citrine (Abundance - Merchant stone)

- 3x Small pieces of Green Aventurine

- 4x Small pieces of Gold Stone

- Green Jade ‘gravel’

- 1x laminated Lakshmi picture to watch over and protect your money

1x Intention template

You’ll receive it all in a organza gift bag.

There are examples in the photos of the different ways you can add to and display your wealth bowls.

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