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Mindful Messages Affirmation Cards

Mindful Messages Affirmation Cards

These gorgeous cards give you a point on which to focus throughout your day (or let you know what you need to focus on and how to do it if you have asked them for an answer)

They are simple insights on how to improve your life's journey on a day to day (or week to week) basis ranging from "self appreciation" and how to simply apply this to your schedule, to "food" and how you can get the most from your daily food consumption by infusing your food with love and gratitude before eating it.

These cards take the simple things in life that we are often too busy to stop and appreciate and give you simple techniques to infuse them with mindfulness. Simply shuffle and draw a card to focus on for the day, week or even month, whatever time you choose to dedicate to each message.

Size: 10.3cm x 7.5cm

52 Card Deck

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