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Macrame Crystal Hangers

Macrame Crystal Hangers

Macrame Crystal Hangers made with assorted raw crystals chosen intuitively, with durable waxed cord thread and your choice of charm.


Total length 15 - 18cm

Raw Crystal length 3 - 5cm each

Charms include:

- Sun/Moon

- Moon/Hamsa

- Dreamcatcher


- Choice of Black or White Waxed cord.

Your Crystal Hanger can be made up from a combination of any of the below crystals:

- Clear quartz

- Mookaite

- Smokey Quartz

- Green Opal

- Amethyst

- Zebradorite

- Rose quartz

- Carnelian

- Green, Yellow or Orange Aventurine

- Sunstone

- Apatite

- Fuchsite

- A range of jaspers including zebra jasper, leopard skin jasper, red jasper, yellow jasper and black jasper

- Blue chalcedony

- Agate

- Blue quartz

- Amazonite

- Hematoid quartz (aka fire quartz)

- Lapis Lazuli

- Sodalite

- Pyrite

- Fluorite

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